Hi, I’m Emily Vezina. I received my degree in comprehensive nutrition from Huntington College of Health Sciences and went on to become certified as both a Level One and Level Two coach through Precision Nutrition.

  That’s all pretty important stuff, but perhaps the most important thing I can offer you is that I’ve probably been where you are. I was 100 pounds overweight, my hormones were a mess and I didn’t know what to do. That was twelve years ago.

 Working with a coach who understands your struggles and has the tools help you get you where you want to be is crucial. I offer several options to my clients. Everything from in-person training and nutrition services to a comprehensive online program that you will have to see to believe.

  As of right now, you have the help you need. All you have to do is take action.


I have three different levels of commitment. How do they work?


ProCoach Package


  • Member area access

  • 50-minute initial intake call

  • Daily lessons and check-ins

  • In-app messaging with Emily

ProCoach Plus

  • Member area access

  • 50-minute initial intake call

  • Daily lessons and check-ins

  • In-app messaging with Emily

  • Bi-weekly 30-minute calls

ProCoach Platinum

  • All basic and plus options

  • Weekly 30-minute calls

  • Online personal training

  • Monthly mobility webinars

What is ProCoach?


ProCoach is a proprietary software developed by Precision Nutrition, and available only to PN certified nutritionists to help coach their clients to success. With ProCoach and Emily in your corner you will receive daily habit change tips, weekly lessons, access to a scientifically researched knowledge base and a lot more.

ProCoach uses a 52-week track to help you create real, sustainable change. This isn’t just about following a “diet” or doing a juice cleanse. You will be re-inventing your relationship with food.

Get started the right way!


  When you sign up for one of my packages you’ll get a personalized quick start guide that will help launch you toward success! It includes:


  • A grocery list to help you shop for what you need and what you like

  • Workout nutrition guidlines

  • Meal prep strategies

  • Overview of portion sizing

  Keep in mind that the quick start guide is just the beginning. Once you get started with ProCoach you will be learning how to become your own food detective.




Well… we should get something out of the way first.

  Do you feel like you need to get your butt kicked during every training session? Do you feel like the workout isn’t over until you can barely stand? Do you think of exercise as punishment?

  Well, that’s not how I do things.  I have my personal training certification from the ISSA and have pursued continuing education with Z-Health Performance, StrongFirst, Yoga Tune Up and Girls Gone Strong. While attending Syracuse University I was a Division I Rower.

  So yes, you could say I know something about hard training. Something else I know is that not everyone is ready for that level of intensity, and high intensity work is not appropriate for all people. So instead we start off slow, working on mobility and exercise basics until you’re ready to start picking up speed.

  I train in a private studio with my husband here in Palo Alto, where you will get the attention that you deserve as you start this journey.


  I use the same system for online personal training that I use to work with my online nutrition clients. What’s great about this approach is that if you later deicde you want to start nutrition as well, you pick right up in the same interface you’re already used to.

  This is not some cookie cutter program that puts everyone on the same path. You will go through an extensive intake, and the system will take your feedback each and every day to determine what path you should be on. Remember the “Choose Your Own Adventure” books? It’s a lot like that, and it’s pretty darn cool.

  The fun doesn’t stop there! I will be continuously monitoring your progress and you will have access to my feedback by messaging within the system. Have a question about an exercise? Not sure if you should take a day off? Message me and find out!

  With the online personal training option you will also have a monthly 30- minute strategy call by phone or Facetime. While you always have the ability to message me, you may find that by having 30 minutes to talk about your goals and current progress, new questions and revelations come up.

I'm ready to get started!

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