I contacted Emily to work with my teenager who wanted to pursue a plant based diet. I was nervous that my daughter wouldn’t be able to meet her nutritional needs without expert advice. Emily was amazing: very understanding, knowledgeable and patient. My daughter really enjoyed meeting with Emily and has incorporated many of her suggestions into her diet. Emily’s got a great way with teenagers.

Annelise M.

Emily is knowledgeable and passionate about Nutrition. She is also super supportive, friendly, and flexible. Before I met Emily, I had no support system and I literally went out to eat all the time.  Emily decided to take me to the grocery store and we walked through the aisles. She taught me how to choose healthier foods and to always look through the ingredients. Emily also checks in with me though e-mail or text to see how I’ve been doing with tracking, eating etc.  Emily is a great nutritionist and I’m glad to have her in my life. Thank you Emily for all you do!

Monique M.

When I thought about looking in depth at the way I have been eating, I read a lot of books, looked up tons of stuff on my own, but when that did not really motivate me, I decided that talking to a real human who can put themselves in my shoes and understand and analyze my lifestyle would probably be a good idea if I really wanted to feel healthier.

It’s hard to find a person you think will understand your needs and your moods and be able to figure out an eating plan that will work for you, won’t judge you, will incorporate the foods you don’t want to “give up”, and that will work for your crazy schedule that actually does not allow time for eating at all sometimes.  (I literally have no time!)  Emily was a wonderful choice.  She has compassion, first and foremost.  She has been there.  She understands real human experiences, moods, schedules, stress levels, and etc.  She is so easy to talk to and she really just wants you to feel great about yourself starting from within.  This is why she is so amazing.  I love talking with her.

She makes this easy and that is the biggest roadblock for most people.  Life is hard enough without adding someone else to be accountable to.  Emily doesn’t make you feel as though you have to be accountable to her, she makes you realize that you should be accountable to yourself and therefore, it works.  Do yourself and your body a favor and work with Emily.  She is real, down to earth, kind, and just the absolute best.

Annette V.

Emily and I started with an in person intake. She assessed my general health, current eating habits, goals, needs, etc. She then gave me some initial action items to work on and we scheduled a follow up by phone a week or two later. She emphasized that I could contact her anytime with questions. At our phone check in we discussed progress, she answered all my questions, made recommendations for different products and services and we updated goals.  What I have found most helpful have been quick-prep meal and snack ideas and recipes. I have enjoyed our regular phone check-in conversations. Emily is easy to talk to and very helpful.

I have been working with Jordan now for almost 8 months and Emily for about 4. In that time I’ve lost 12-15 pounds (depending on the day) and went down 2 sizes. Though I considered myself a relatively informed shopper and healthy eater, the changes that I implemented made all the difference. When people see me putting together my lunch in the office they say, “oh, you’re being so good” as if I were on a diet and depriving myself. In reality, I am really enjoying what I eat and when I get off track (for example I’m traveling and food selection is out of my control) I look forward to “returning to normal.” I would highly recommend Emily to anyone who is trying to make a change to their eating habits that is healthy, sustainable, and satisfying.

Ava K.